Trucrux Inc

Uboot Configuration

Default u-boot defconfig is


Default path of Uboot


To make changes in source code it is better to create a local_repos

$ cd ~/CodeSetup
$ mkdir local_repos/
$ git clone -b v2020.04_5.4.24_2.1.0_dunfell
$ cd local_repos/uboot-trucrux

Now use git to create a branch or make changes in same branch (creating new branch is recommended)

Make changes in Uboot as required.

To add changes in build

$ cd ~/CodeSetup/sources/meta-trucrux/recipies-bsp/u-boot
$ touch uboot-trucrux.bbappend

(ignore if already file is created)
and append the following in bbappend file.

UBOOT_SRC = "git://${BSPDIR}/local_repos/uboot-trucrux;protocol=file"
SRCBRANCH = "< branch name >"
SRCREV = "< The commit id you'd like to use >"