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Flashing device using MFGtool

This section explains the step by step procedure to flash the binaries using MFG tool.

Requirements #

To program the binaries for TRUX-IMX6 platform, following Items are required:

  • Binary files
  • MFG-Tool
  • USB type A to micro A cable.
  • Host PC (Windows)

On successful image build the binaries can be found as mentioned in Yocto image build. To flash the obtained binaries
via MFG-tool do the renaming as follow:

core-image-minimal-imx6-truxd01-<date&time stamp>rootfs.tar.bz2 ----> rootfs.tar.bz2
u-boot-nand-<revision>-r0.imx                                                                          ----> uboot.imx
zImage-<revision>-imx6-truxd01-<date&time stamp>.bin                       ----> zImage
zImage-<revision>-imx6ul-truxd01-som-<date&time stamp>.dtb         ----> imx6ul-truxd01-som.dtb

BOOT mode #

  • Power OFF the device.
  • Switch the device to boot mode by using following switch combinations: POS1 –> OFF and POS2 –> ON
  • Power ON the device.

Binary Programming #

  • Connect a mini USB A cable to the OTG port of the device and other end to the host pc (Windows).
  • Connect another mini USB A cable to the debug port of the device and other to the host pc(Windows).For viewing debug logs follow the steps mentioned in UART debugging.
  • Copy the binaries (u-boot.imx, zImage, imx6ul-truxd01-sm.dtb, rootfs.tar.bz2) to
Flashing Tool --> MFG-tool --> TRUCRUX-Trux-D01-v1.0-MFG --> Profiles --> Linux --> OSFirmware --> files
  • Start the MFG-tool application by double clicking on
Flashing Tool --> MFG-tool --> TRUCRUX-Trux-D01-v1.0-MFG --> MfgTool2.exe
  • The MFG Application will open and will display the current operation in status text box.
  • If the platform is detected, the “HID-compliant device” message will be displayed in the status box.
  • Click on the Start button, MFG Tool will start programming binaries into boot device and the debug console will
    show the debug messages.
  • After successfully programming the Binaries to boot device, the progress bar will turn to Green colour and status
    box will show “Done”.
  • Click “Stop” to finish, and Click “Exit” to terminate the application.
  • Then power off the device and use following switch combination to switch the device to boot mode. POS1 –> ON and POS2 –> OFF
  • Power ON the device and the device will boot up with new binaries.