Security and surveillance


Security and Surveillance


Security surveillance is an essential aspect of modern society, ensuring the safety and security of individuals, businesses, and communities. With the increasing use of technology, the need for advanced security surveillance solutions has also risen.

Security surveillance systems is their ability to handle high-resolution video streams. This allows for detailed monitoring and recording of activity, making it easier to identify individuals and track activity. Additionally, their systems are equipped with advanced analytics and AI capabilities, enabling real-time monitoring and alerting of suspicious activity.

Industries and Applications

Security surveillance solutions can be applied to various industries, including:


In retail environments, surveillance cameras can be used to monitor customer activity and deter theft.


In transportation applications, cameras can be used to monitor vehicles and ensure the safety of passengers.


Government agencies can use surveillance cameras to monitor public spaces and ensure the safety of citizens.


In industrial settings, cameras can be used to monitor equipment and ensure safe operations.

Our Offering

Trucrux offers a wide range of System On Modules which can help in building security surveillance solutions, including IP cameras, NVRs, and software solutions.

TRUX-iMX8M-Q01 product is designed to provide high-quality video surveillance and monitoring, even in challenging environments.