Most technical details concerning the evaluation or development around Trucrux’s solutions can be found at Documentation
For any further technical questions, a customer can email info@trucrux.com which will be promptly supported by our engineers.

Trucrux provides a longevity commitment, declaring we will continue producing products as long as the critical components in the design are supplied by the relevant vendors.
To accommodate the product planning strategies of our customers and partners, Trucrux has established an official End-Of-Life (EOL) Policy.
Visit our product longevity page for more info.

Trucrux is a division of Trunexa. Trunexa is a design house which can provide paid support services, implemented by an expert team.
For further details, please contact us at sales@trunexa.com.

We offer ARM-based Systems on Modules based on NXP microprocessors, such as i.MX93, i.MX8 and i.MX6, and with varying levels of performance, memory, and storage.
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Trucrux provides customers with a complete package of hardware and software reference documents for application board design.
The given design files can be freely used by the customer to develop their own carrier board. Software drivers and BSPs of the evaluation kits are also provided free of charge.
Details are available at Trucrux Documentation