Trucrux Inc


  • Supported SOM: TRUX-iMX8M-Q01, TRUX-iMX8MMini-Q01
  • CPU Name: NXP i.MX8M, i.MX8M Mini,
  • Display: MIPI DSI / LVDS, HDMI (only for iMX8M-Q01)
  • USB: 1 x USB 3.0 Type C / 2 x USB 2.0 Host
  • Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet / 100 Mbps Ethernet


The TRUX-iMX8-DVP makes it easier to develop embedded systems using the affordable TRUX-iMX8M-Q01 and TRUX-iMX8MMini-Q01 System on Module. The TRUX-iMX8-DVP has many interfaces, a small design, strong security, and great technical support. The TRUX-iMX8-DVP is impressively compact, making it perfect for projects where space is a concern. Despite its small size, it delivers powerful performance without compromise.

TRUX-iMX8-DVP guarantees advanced security features to safeguard your projects, making security a top priority. Protect your data and applications confidently. It comes with extensive technical support to assist developers of all levels. Customization options ensure the platform fits your unique project needs. The TRUX-iMX8-DVP excels in affordability and efficiency.

It provides a budget-friendly solution without sacrificing performance. Experience the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Trust that your development platform adheres to strict regulatory requirements for a sustainable approach to technology. The TRUX-iMX8-DVP features a versatile array of interfaces, including GPIOs, standard I2C, I2S, CAN, and UART buses. It easily fits into different projects with fast USB 2.0, SD-card, camera, and Ethernet connections.

Ordering Info

Easy Kit Explorer Kit
Included SOM TRUX-iMX8MQ-Q01 TRUX-iMX8MQ-Q01 /
Included Development Board TRUX-iMX8 TRUX-iMX8
Display x 10” TFT
Touch panel x Capacitive
Micro-USB debug cable x
Ethernet cable x
12V power supply
Boot / Rescue SD Cards x
Camera module x Optional