The TRUX-iMX6UL-DVP Development platform is showcasing SOM features in an optimized and cost-effective way. The board is equipped with all necessary onboard connectors to validate i.MX6UL SoC features to the fullest.



The TRUX-iMX6UL-DVP-V1.0 is a complete evaluation platform for development based on G2 and G3 sub family processors.
Trunexa offers a development board TRUX-iMX6UL-DVP-V1.0 with optional 4.3’ resistive display. Baseboard is commonly designed for both variants of CPU module i.e. TRUX-iMX6UL-D01 & TRUX-iMX6UL-Q01. It is consist of a variety of peripheral interfaces through headers and connectors including UART, I2C, two USB host, one USB OTG, One USB debug, one 10/100Mbps Ethernet, CAN, Camera, headphone out and LCD module.
The kit is 100mm x 110mm in size combined with necessary connectors to validate the features and performance of CPU modules.




I/O Ports Support: 
USB 2.0 Host x 1 Ports 
USB 2.0 device 1 Port 
UART to USB debug x 1Port 
10/100 Ethernet – 1 Port 
Micro SD Slot 
Audio codec, In/Out Jack 
8Bit CSI Camera Port 
CAN x 1 Port 
UART Header 
GPIO Header 
RTC Coin cell 
4.3″ LCD with resistive touch (optional) 
LCD driver card 
Boot mode switch 
ON/OFF, Reset Switch 

Supported SOM Module

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Product features 
i.MX6UL G2/G3 CPU/528MHz based STAMP/SODIMM development kit with 4.3″ resistive touch LCD kit (Linux 4.1.15)