How to take logs via ADB on windows PC ?

1.Enable USB debugging in device. 2.Connect the device to a usb port. 3.Open command prompt. 4.To get logcat use following commands: host $ adb logcat > filename.txt //stores in filename.txt in host pc 5.To get kernel message (kmsg) host $ adb shell device $ cat /proc/kmsg > filename.txt //stores kmsg in filename.txt in device. device Read more about How to take logs via ADB on windows PC ?[…]

ADB setup for Windows

1.Download latest adb.exe. The link is as follow: 2. Extract the zip file. 3. Append the user environment variable- PATH Start Control Panel system and security system Advance system settings Environment variables User Variables Double click on PATH For windows 10 (Please ensure before you click “Browse” that no field is highlighted. If a Read more about ADB setup for Windows[…]