Trucrux Inc

Testing Display

To test display, first check the display node. To check display node run

root@imx8mq-trux-q01: fbset

mode "1920x1080"
    geometry 1920 1080 1920 1080 32
    timings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    accel true
    rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,0/0

Graphics are 2D and 3D. To test graphics

root@imx8mq-trux-q01: cd /opt/imx-gpu-sdk/GLES<3 for 3D and 2 for 2D>/<3D/2D graphic file>
root@imx8mq-trux-q01: ./GLES<3D/2D graphic file>

Below are 3D graphic files.

Below are 2D graphics files.

Trucrux provides 2 displays HDMI and MIPI-DSI, where HDMI is set as default display.

Setting HDMI Display #

HDMI is default display provided by Trucrux. Plug HDMI display to HDMI port of TRUX-iMX8M-DVP.

Changing Display #

Trucrux Provides different dtbs for different displays.

dtbs provided by Trucrux:

  • imx8mq-trux-8MDVP-sd-hdmi.dtb
  • imx8mq-trux-8MDVP-sd-mipi.dtb
  • imx8mq-trux-8MDVP-wifi-hdmi.dtb
  • imx8mq-trux-8MDVP-wifi-mipi.dtb

to set dtb run the below commands

root@imx8mq-trux-q01:cd /boot
root@imx8mq-trux-q01:/boot# unlink imx8mq-trux-8MDVP.dtb
root@imx8mq-trux-q01:/boot# ln -s <dtb for mipi/hdmi> imx8mq-trux-8MDVP.dtb
root@imx8mq-trux-q01: reboot

NOTE: The MIPI-DSI Panel used by Trucrux is Formike “KWH101KQ14-C01” 10 inch panel with custom made driver card.

TouchScreen #

After reboot Search for below log in dmesg

input: Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen as /devices/platform/soc@0/soc@0:bus@30800000/30a40000.i2c/i2c-2/2-0014/input/input3

If above log is available run

root@imx8mq-trux-q01:~# evtest /dev/input/event3

Now touch on screen you should see the events generated by touch screen.