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Quick Start Guide

iMX8-DVP Interface

Package checklist #

The TRUX-iMX8-DVP development platform will be shipped with following items:


Sr No. Package Item Qty Image
1 TRUX-iMX8-Q01 1 NXP iMX8M based system on module
2 TRUX-iMX8-DVP 1 Development board for NXP iMX8 based Processor
3 12V,2A Power Adapter 1
4 HeatSink 1

Note: Do not proceed with installation, if any of the items listed in the above checklist is missing or damaged. Contact Trucrux support team.

Get to Know the TRUX-iMX8-DVP Development platform #

TRUX-iMX8-DVP development platform consists of 55.1 mm x 30.2 mm TRUX-iMX8M-Q01 SOM and 182×155.5 mm carrier board.


Getting Started #
Setting Boot Configration #
SW1 Config BM1 BM0 Description
1-4: OFF; 2-3: OFF 0 1 Internal Boot
1-4: ON; 2-3: ON 1 0 Serial Downloader
1-4: ON; 2-3: OFF 0 0 Boot From Fuse
1-4: OFF; 2-3: ON 1 0 Reserved
Setting Boot Mode #

Check for SW3. If switch is ON, Internal Boot Mode is selected. If switch is OFF, SD-card Boot Mode is selected.

Setting up the debug port #

TRUX-iMX8-DVP Development Platform supports Micro USB Connector as Debug port for Debugging and Testing.

Please follow the below procedure to setup the Debug port of carrier board/development board.

  • Use USB Micro USB to TypeA cable to connect between Development board and PC for debugging. Connect TypeA end of USB cable to PC and Micro USB end of USB cable to Development board’s debug Micro USB connector as shown below

  • Open any serial monitor application like HyperTerminal/Putty/Minicom etc. on PC/Laptop, Select the proper tty/COM port and apply following setting.
    • Baud rate : 115200 bps
    • Data bits : 8
    • Parity : None
    • Stop bits : 1
    • Flow control : None
Heatsink #

TRUX-iMX8-DVP comes with self adhesive heatsink as shown in the packaging list. Attach heatsink to the TRUX-iMX8M-Q01 SOM on the NXP iMX8MQ processor as shown below.

Powering ON TRUX-iMX8-DVP #

TRUX-iMX8-DVP platform comes with 12V, 2A power supply with terminal socket. Please follow the below procedure to power ON the development board.

Connect the 12V power supply plug to the power connector of the TRUX-iMX8-DVP development board as shown below and switch ON the power supply.

Once Power is applied to TRUX-iMX8-DVP development board, the Power LED in the TRUX-IMX8M-Q01 SOM module and development board will glow as shown below.

Warning: Do not proceed with installation, if the Power Status LED is blinking or not glowing. Contact Trucrux support team. 

Viewing Logs #

Once power is applied to TRUX-iMX8-DVP development board as explained in the previous section, the serial monitor of the PC/Laptop which is connected to the Development board will immediately show the boot messages of the boot loader.

  • NOTE:  Development Platform comes with bootable binary in default boot media. Make sure that all the steps mentioned in Getting Start section is followed.

Immediately after power on, Press any key in HyperTerminal/Minicom to go to the U-boot command prompt as shown below. Otherwise Default Linux kernel will launch automatically.

To login, enter “root” in terminal and you will get the Linux command prompt as shown below.

Testing the peripherals #

The OS build procedure and peripheral test procedure is available on the link